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The main driver of a given card game’s attractiveness is the demand of the game from the card playing public. The recent surge in demand for 2-11, brought about in part by its appearance at this year’s World Series of Poker Gaming Life Expo, provides an exceptional backdrop to the current state of transition in the world of poker. Both Hold’em and Omaha, while still mainstays of card-rooms worldwide, have become rote action to many players. They lack their luster that once shone so brightly. The games’ home-game feel has plateaued and the rate of entry of new players to the games has declined. As a result, a new source of additional players is needed to bring that experience back to the card-room. While that feeling has plateaued for Hold’em and Omaha, it is just now beginning with 2-11.

Players, including the likes of Jamie Gold and journalists such as Adam Slutsky of Bluff Magazine and Rick Rosen of ESPN Sports have relayed the perceptions of many of the game’s fans in resounding terms. 2-11 brings with it a swell of enjoyment that comes with the draw of an exciting new experience and the prospect of the mastery of a new game.

As a result, there is no barrier that exists to stop 2-11 from being spread. Indeed, the demand for the game has increased to a point where the marginal Hold’em or Omaha table adds less to the satisfaction of demand than the next 2-11 table. The game of 2-11 involves a similar degree of luck and provides an identical, if not an increased amount of satisfaction and excitement. It only takes a small degree of accommodation in order to become comfortable with assessing the possibilities that the choice of cards and the altered board offer the players. Further, from the player’s perspective, the excitement with respect to getting dealt a high hand is more pronounced in 2-11. Indeed, it is so pronounced that the house should be ready to adjust the qualifying hand for the bad beat jackpot.

Additionally, from the perspective of the house, the game’s ability to deal more hands per hour makes it a more attractive proposition than Omaha. Further, fewer players are involved in later streets and the dealers have been shown to make fewer mistakes reading hands since the reduced number of total cards on the board allows for easier assessment of the winning hand.

As time progresses, players are likely to crave new variations of their favorite games in order to derive a similar level of enjoyment from playing them. Overall, 2-11 possesses the right mix of luck and skill, the familiarity with rules, odds, and hand assessment, such that it can easily be adopted and only needs a sufficient backing in order to become a successful and powerful addition to the specter of the card playing public.

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