Player’s Guide

The 2-11 Poker “Player’s Guide”

In 2-11 Poker, each game begins with the standard posting of blinds and the dealing of four down cards to each player, followed by a round of betting. The game can be played Hi/Low, ( 7 low condition ) and Hi only.

In order to properly assess the strength of your hand, the most important aspect of 2-11 Poker is to remember the following rule:

Throughout each game, players must use only any 2 or 3 cards from their hand with only any 2 or 3 cards from the 4 common cards on the board to make their best 5 card hand(s)

After the first round of betting concludes, the dealer will “flip” only two common cards face up in the center of the table, followed by the second round of betting.

After the second round of betting concludes, the dealer will continue with a normal ‘turn’ card and the third round of betting followed by the ‘river’ card and the fourth and last round of betting.

Each player shares the four-card community board.

The goal is to make the best five-card hand(s) by using only any two or three cards from your hand with only any two or three cards from the board.

NOTE: When playing the Hi/Low version, the pot will usually be split unless there is no qualifying low hand and ties are possible.

Hand Strength

Because you use any two or three cards from your hand throughout each game, very strong ‘hidden’ hands are possible in 2-11 Poker. You must always keep this in mind.

Starting Hand Suggestions

Your starting hand is stronger when your four cards work together or “with” each other to create multiple possibilities to hit the flip. This will vary greatly in both the Hi/Low ( 7 condition ) and Hi only versions.

Some good suggestions are as follows: high cards, a pair or trips, or your cards are connected and double or triple suited, again depending on which version you are playing.

Starting Sample Hands

9-7-6-4 offsuit:

This is a very minimal starting hand because you’re holding low, unconnected, unsuited cards with a 9 and you have no pair. This is bad for Hi only and only luck will get you a win in Hi/Low.

A-8-7-6 with three of the same suit:

This is only a slightly stronger starting hand because you have three connected cards, 3 of the same suit and an ace. If your Ace is suited, it is much stronger. However, playing this in Hi/Low can be risky, considering you have two of the highest low cards.

A-A-10-9 Double suited:

This hand is a good starting hand because you have a pair of aces that are each suited along with two connected cards. However, if you are playing Hi/Low, this hand needs to be played with caution since there is no chance to make a low.

A-K-Q-Q with three of the same suit:

This is an excellent starting hand for hi only because you have a pair and you are triple suited with a connected ace. It would be even better if the pair was aces, but nonetheless it’s a huge hand! Needless to say, it is not good for low.

A-A-2-3 Double or Triple suited:

This is probably one of the strongest starting hands in the game in either version and I will let your poker skills figure out why.


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